We understand that in the final analysis the best solutions are all about anticipating and managing change — surviving an unexpected ice storm, improving profitability by optimizing processes, eliminating unplanned downtime, moving to a new location or replacing a key application.

All businesses share common problems with the deployment and utilization of technology. But organizations have special challenges — as they often do not have the specialized technology operations and support groups. ‘Twiz Technology’ can provide tailored solution services in the following areas,

Assessment and Evaluation Services

Our engineers help evaluating customer environment to determine the best next steps to take; they help navigating this process to ensure success and gain customer’s trust.

Solution Design and Consulting Services

By keeping a close eye on the industry, our engineers know today’s technology. With years of experience, our engineers separate reality from hype. They help you propose the right solution for the customer, at the right time. Our engineers maintain key contacts with our manufactures to ensure they understand all of the latest innovations and have the information our partners need, when they need it.

Integration Services 

Our Solutions Integration Team provides customized system delivery to our partners/customers for both hardware and software solutions.

Enterprise Solutions Centers Demo Services 

Need a lab or a large staff of engineers? All you really need is to be a partner of our consortium and access our Enterprise Solutions Centers facilities within our Partners. Our Consortium members offer a multi-vendor environment with dedicated engineers ready to provide customer with proof-of-concept testing and demonstration services.

Collaborative Professional Services

We also work collaboratively, whereby we supplement customer’s in-house technical skills with those from a service partner so you can implement the ideal solution. Professional services are available for both hardware and software solutions.