By having a strategic partnership with our Technology Suppliers, we carry the following products as part of our solutions. We choose these products after a careful evaluation and after having the successful implementation by our team only, we start carrying these products. For some of the products we are value-added service provider too.





1. Netvault Backup

2. Netvault Replicator

3. Netvault Report Manager






1. Big-IP

2. WANJet





1. DoubleTake for Windows

2. GeoCluster





1. VMware Infrastructure 3

2. VMWare ESX Server

3. VMware Server






1. Operating System

2. Application Products

3. System Software.





1. Antivirus Products

2. Veritas NetBackup





1. EMC Legato NetWorker

2. EMC Legato EmailXtender

3. EMC Legato DiskXtender Family








1. Database Servers

2. Real Application Clusters