Twiz Solution was incorporated in the year 2005 by I.T. Professionals, Punithan, & Sritharan. Each of these founders has unique strengths and skill sets with the advantage of complimenting one another. Thus, together these three formed a fantastic team and were managing successfully few enterprise projects in their previous employment. In their experience, they found that people are given tools, & technology but they were not given the ‘know how’ of how to achieve their business needs & goals effectively. When their previous company was going through restructuring, these people did not wanted to loose the strength of this three men team and wanted to fully utilize the power of this team and to help the society & community in their vicinity. Thus the idea of forming a Company came into existence giving birth to Twiz Technology Sdn Bhd.

Being a small & young company but with the power of capable staff with wide experience and knowledge, Twiz Technology, it has a paid up capitol of RM100,000.00 and intend to increase it steadily focusing on expanding the customer base and increasing the existing customer relationship.

Our Mission

The mission of ‘Twiz Technology’ is to make things work better through bridging various technology solutions to achieve business goals. This is achieved by applying practical experience and creativity to real world problems facilitated by a deep understanding of how things work together.

The depth of our experience enables us to cut through the fog and quickly identify the key issues. We subscribe to the idea that understanding benefits, impacts and relationships are more important than being merely buzzword compliant.

Our Staff

Although TWIZ Technology is a new, (incorporated in 2005), the founders of this company have almost 33 man years of experience between them. TWIZ Technology has an office in Sri Petaling, KualaLumpur, where newer technology, tools,  Products & Applications are tried out and evaluated. We constantly evaluate our staff skill set and enhance them wherever it has to be uplifted through our enhancement mechanisms. We have and enhance our skill sets from our integrated knowledge and expertise on computing systems, operating system, database, Enterprise Application Systems, Storage, Networking, Business Continuity Systems, Security, etc.,

We build mutually beneficial strategic partnership with our technology suppliers. We work closely with our partners and if you are interested in creating a partnership, please contact us.