Twiz Technology Sdn Bhd’, is a Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) based technology-focused Enterprise Solutions Providing firm established in 2005. ‘Twiz Technology’ was formed to provide assistance to corporations seeking to better achieve business goals through more effectively utilizing investments in various technology and bringing them together. It was apparent that while there was much attention paid to providing new tools, platforms and methodologies for developing business applications — system implementations, application deployment and ongoing operations were overlooked. It is ironic as these are the areas that control whether new investments in technology will produce benefits or merely additional expenses.

‘Twiz Technology’ addresses this gap by providing insightful and practical assistance at a variety of levels — before, during and after implementation.  This assistance can enable firms to better design, deploy and operate business solutions within robust, reliable, cost-effective and supportable infrastructures.  We believe that a holistic systems engineering approach combining a deep understanding of both business and technology  with strong “outside the box” thinking can be a powerful contributor to success. ‘Twiz Technology’ can provide assistance in many forms — as trusted advisor, project manager, technology architect or interim functional management. The depth of our experience enables us to cut through the fog and quickly identify the key issues. We subscribe to the idea that understanding benefits, impacts and relationships are more important than being merely buzzword compliant.